Talitha Tarro Photography
Bridal Hair and Makeup at Eldorado Santa Fe
Bridal Party prep Eldorado Hotel
Creative Wedding Ring Photo Eldorado Santa Fe
Wedding bouquets by Marisa's Millefiori
Laughing together while getting ready
Bride and Flower Girl at Eldorado Santa Fe
Eldorado Bridal Suite
Wedding details
Bored Flower Girl Eldorado
Putting on the Wedding Dress at Eldorado Hotel and Spa
Groomsmen Portrait on the Eldorado Santa Fe Terrace
Bridal Suite Eldorado Santa Fe
The bride's father seeing her for the first time
Santa Fe Wedding Photo
Wedding Ceremony Santa Fe Photography
Eldorado Hotel Wedding Ceremony
First Kiss Wedding Eldorado Ceremony
Santa Fe Wedding Photographer
Marisa's Millefiori wedding table centerpiece
Funny children wedding Santa Fe
Silly Kids after the wedding ceremony in Santa Fe
Best Santa Fe Wedding Photographer
Wedding Reception Santa Fe
First dance photography Santa Fe Wedding Reception
Mother Son Dance Eldorado Santa Fe
Sharing a cupcake during the wedding reception
Beautiful Santa Fe Wedding Reception Ballroom
DJ Guttermouth Santa Fe Wedding Reception
Fun Wedding Santa Fe
Best Wedding Reception Santa Fe
Wedding reception celebration Eldorado Hotel
Wedding Reception dancing Eldorado SF
Wedding reception break dancing
Bubble exit from the wedding at Eldorado Hotel
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Jason + Lanell

Jason and Lanell's wedding at the Eldorado Hotel and Spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Flowers by Marissa's Millefiori. Wedding planning by Just Lovely Weddings. A lovely summer wedding showcasing the best of Santa Fe's culture, landscape, and architecture for this lovely wedding at the Eldorado.