Talitha Tarro Photography
Purple Clematis
Hoverfly in the Veronica
Poppy pair
Aphids on the penstemon
Paprika Yarrow
pink peony petals
Clematis Vine
Macro Yarrow
Strawberry Yarrow
Donkey Tail Fly
Clematis Albuquerque 1
Paprika Color Yarrow
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Personal Portfolio

It is a pleasure to share this gallery of my personal work that I’ve created for sheer enjoyment and the love of photography. One of my recent and favorite projects has been my Flower Portrait Project. I see flowers, petals, and leaves as singular portraits and often bring light bending tools into the garden to enhance their beauty. If viewing on mobile, click on an image to see it at full size, then swipe through my portfolio.

You can purchase prints of these images in my gallery.