Talitha A. Tarro Photography
Grape Hyacinths
Dew Drops on Muscari
Muscari in the spring
Tiny spring flower
grape hyacinth
An ant covered in pollen explores the tiny alyssum flower
black and white alyssum portrait
Single Alyssum flower with bug
Tiny Alyssum flowers in the garden
Alyssum Portrait
Lantana Blossoms
Three lantana blossoms
Morning Glory Vine
dia de los muertos en la jardin

A gallery of my personal work that I do for enjoyment and the love of photography. One of my favorite projects recently has been the Flower Portrait project. I treat the blossoms, petals, and leaves as a singular portrait and often will bring use light shaping tools in the garden to get a look or feel for the portrait. If viewing on mobile, click on an image to maximize to full size and swipe through the gallery. 

You can purchase prints of these images in my gallery