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Sandia Crest Engagement

Autumn at Sandia Crest is unparalleled in beauty and made for the perfect backdrop for Kim & Phillip's engagement session.

lovers touching noses about to kiss  sunset in the back
couple holding one another black and white photo
Couple goofing around while holding hands together
Couple walking down a road together
Couple silhouette in the mountains
couple kissing on top of the mountain
couple kissing with sky in the backgrolund
Couple sharing a close moment together in the sun
Closeup of the couple kissing
Couple hiking on the top of the mountain together
Couple holding each other at the top of the mountain
Couple silhouette on the mountain top
Couple hiking together in the mountains
Couple sitting on a giant rock in the forest
Couple hugging with sunset in the background
Couple hugging each other at the crest of the mountain
Couple engagement photo black and white
Couple silhouette in the mountains standing together