Talitha Tarro Photography
Wedding dress at the Silverpick Lodge in Durango
Durango, CO Wedding flower bouquet
Silverpick Lodge Wedding Bride
Wedding Prep at Silverpick Lodge near Purgatory Resort
Groomsmen getting ready at Silverpick Lodge, Colorado
Bride getting ready at the Silverpick Lodge in CO
Bride putting on earrings before the wedding
Silverpick Lodge Bride and Bridesmaids
Putting on the Dress at Silverpick Lodge
Black and white photo of the bride and bridesmaids
Bridesmaids boots country wedding Durango
Bridal Portrait at Silverpick Lodge in Durango Colorado
Beautiful Wedding Portrait Durango, CO
Outdoor photo of bride and bridesmaids
Colorful picture of the flower girl at the wedding
Father of the Bride at Durango CO
Bride and groom outdoor wedding
Outdoor photo of the wedding ceremony
Cascade Village outdoor wedding in Durango
Durango Colorado Outdoor Wedding
Bride and Groom at the alter
Outdoors wedding ceremony
Bride and groom dancing together at wedding
Wedding party landscape photograph
Bridesmaids carrying the dress of the bride as they walk together
Landscape photo of groomsmen
Groom holding the bride for a picture
Beautiful and creative wedding photography in Durango
Durango, CO Wedding Couple
Silverton, CO Wedding
Black and white outdoors photograph
Black and White Wedding Photography Durango CO
Needles Mountains Wedding Springtime Durango
Silverpick Lodge Reception Entrance
Wedding Toasts during the reception
Bride and groom together at wedding reception
Wedding Reception Dinner Silverpick Lodge
Cake cutting at Silverpick Lodge Wedding Reception
Bride and groom admiring their wedding cake
First Dance Wedding Reception Silverpick Lodge
bride and groom dancing at their reception
Romantic Wedding Reception Durango Colorado
Rustic Wedding Reception Lodge in Durango
father daughter dance Durango
Wedding Reception Silverpick Lodge
Wedding reception celebrating the newly weds
Bride looking back at her wedding party
Bouquet Toss Wedding Reception
Groom taking the guarders off of the bride
Bride and groom sharing moment together
Wedding Reception Fun Durango Co
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Isley + Haley

Isley and Haley's springtime wedding in picturesque Durango, Colorado
Ceremony Venue: Cascade Creek Village
Reception Venue: Silverpick Lodge
Florist: April’s Garden
DJ: Aiko Aiko Sound
Cake: Skillfully Decadent Desserts