Life Coaching with Piper Dominguez

This post is a little different than my usual posts about weddings and family portrait sessions. I am so excited to share a collaboration with the amazing Piper Dominguez. I have looked up to Piper for quite some time through her time working with eVOLV Strong gym both as a life coach for their Rise of the Phoenix program as well as in her fitness classes. I found myself paying close attention to what she would teach and her demeanor because she is an enigma – emanating strength, grace, beauty, and toughness.

I believe in the power of transformation and sometimes we just don’t know where to start in our journey of growth. This is why I want to share with you a bit of Piper’s own words about her business and life coaching services.

“Photos should tell a story of more than what you see but should capture the inner essence of who you are. Amazing photographers like Talitha create depth that draws the viewer into the photograph and are able to work magic with light to reflect the subject’s inner light outwardly. What Talitha does in a photograph, I work inwardly as a transformational mindset coach. My mission is to shine my own light out into the world with my wisdom to help other women harness their own light. It was really important for me during my session with Talitha to capture my essence by playing with opposing elements to help convey a grounded nature with the vast vision that I hold for my life. I wanted my photographs to radiate compassion and also show my standing in a warrior’s strength; two qualities I use to masterfully guide women to find their essence in the subtleties of who they are in order to pull that forward into all aspects of their life.  In turn, my clients are able to confidently and unapologetically claim the most vibrant and fully expressed life that they desire. If you would like step into the highest vibration of your life imaginable I highly suggest booking a consult with me by going  to: ” – Piper Dominguez