Jacob & Bailey’s Desert Harbor Elopement wedding

I heard a while ago when reading up on SEO and all the boring stuff that business owners need to know that you shouldn’t have multiple postings of a venue because you’re only competing with yourself for a prominent placement within a web search result. That’s unfortunate because I love photographing all the couple that come to Desert Harbor Retreat to marry each other and want to share each one of their love stories! There is such a calm energy to the space while also being epicly (is that a word?!?) gorgeous at the same time.

Jacob and Bailey came to northern New Mexico from Texas to combine their dream of a little wedding into a honeymoon. The icing on the cake of this sweet wedding was their twinkle light first dance in the bed of an old teal Ford pickup truck as the stars came up.

Venue, coordination, officiant: Desert Harbor Retreat
Hair and Makeup: Genica Lee
Floral: Floral Fetish

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