Isley and Haley’s spring wedding in Durango

I met Isley and Haley about a year and a half ago on a winter day just after Christmas for their snowy engagement session. With long engagements I always feel like the wedding day sneaks up on you.

Isley and Haley were married on a beautiful day in May with snow still blanketing the mountain peaks and spring flowers began to bloom. It’s hard to put into words how beautiful and emotional their wedding day was but when I packed my gear and headed out at the end of the night, my heart was happy to have shared in such lovely day for two incredible people and the family & friends that surround them.

Ceremony Venue: Cascade Creek Village
Reception Venue: Silverpick Lodge
Florist: April’s Garden
DJ: Aiko Aiko Sound
Cake: Skillfully Decadent Desserts

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