A New Mexico country wedding in monsoon season

I usually wonder where I will start when blogging about an event, session, or wedding. Do I touch on the unique and lovely things about a couple’s personality? All of the beautiful Pinterest inspired decor? The events of the day?

However, with Dane and Katelyn’s wedding at his family’s ranch in Estancia, NM, the story of the day and the people involved were all so moving. Photographing the day was like watching a movie where 4 different story lines somehow come together in the end. Katelyn arrived at the Double Arrow ranch with a giddy excitement having spent the morning getting ready at Sandia Resort with her best gals. She looked radiant and had a beautiful glow about her as she slipped on her dress (enjoyed a shot or two of peppermint schnapps) and waited to have a horse-drawn carriage take her to meet her husband-to-be. However, the weather had something else in mind. Monsoon season in New Mexico is an event to behold, bringing magnificently beautiful thunderstorms through the high desert country. Sometimes it is just a display of cumulus clouds and other times the thunder can be felt through the foundation of the house. The latter was true for Dane and Katelyn’s wedding day. It was a day of waiting out the weather. Umbrella’s and porches covered guests from rain and tissues were there to dry the tears of anxiety. It all works out in the end though…like it always does.

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