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Jess + Jeremy

Jess & Jeremy's wedding on a rainy and beautiful autumn day in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Before wedding fun with bride groom and bridesmaids
White lace dress hanging in front of Santa Fe gate
Dog detailed wedding jewelry box
Bridesmaid doing the brides hair
Bridesmaids getting the bride ready for her big day
Wedding dresses hanging up in mfront of the widow
Bride and her bridesmaids getting ready together in the bathroom
Bridesmaid doing the brides hair before the wedding
Bride and bridesmaid finishing up the final touches before the wedding
Groom and bride walking together
Bride and groom hugging with nature in the back
Bride and groom holding one another
Bride and groom walking together
Bride and groom smiling for a picture in front of gate
Groom kissing the bride gently on the forehead
Bride and groom holding hands
Groom and groomsmen posing for a picture
Bride and her bridesmaids
Groom and his groomsmen
Mothers of the bride and groom walking together holding hands
Guests helping to set up for the wedding
Bride and groom holding hands in the street
Bride and groom welcoming their guests to the wedding
Wedding ceremony at the park
Groom smiling at the bride during the wedding
Guests at the wedding
Bride and groom exchanging vows
Bride and Groom sealing marriage with a kiss
Bride and groom walking down the isle
Groom hugs guests
Bride and groom special moments
Boston Terrier looking up at the bride
Bride and groom kissing at wedding reception
Groom holding the bride in his arms
Bride and groom beautiful moments shared together
Bride and groom talking
Backyard wedding reception
Bride and groom at backyard reception
Santa Fe Reception
Santa Fe backyard reception

A little bit of rain didn’t slow this wedding down a bit. Although it did make for a few nervous moments on how to keep things flowing. What I loved about photographing this Santa Fe wedding was the authenticity, genuine excitement, and love that connected the spaces between each person at this wedding. It is the moment-driven and candid photos that tell the best stories. Every detail of the day had meaning and reason from the ceremony under the tree at Harvey Cornell Rose Park to the backyard reception at the groom’s childhood home.