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Day in the Life

Day in the Life

A day-in-the-life is pure photojournalism of you and your family. This can be done in your home capturing story time, jumping on the beds, preparing dinner together; at the aquarium; or a trip to an Isotopes game on fireworks night. The possibilities are endless. The intention of this session is to show you a beautiful and real picture of who your family is. We often have photos done when we are all dressed up, but how priceless would it be to have beautiful photographs of what it looked like to have dinner together as a family? Many of these moments seem mundane and commonplace, but when this period in your life has past you will have those photographs to help you to keep those precious memories. There is no time limit on these sessions. I will be there to simply capture your time together. Please keep in mind that these sessions are different from normal sessions. This is your life, unscripted. These sessions are offered at $2,500 and include the high resolution digital files as well as and 18 hours of my time with your family. What a steal!! I know that sounds like a lot of time to be photographing you. My goal is to become a fly on the wall and find that point where you can forget that someone is there with you. That is when those special moments are captured.

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There is nothing quite like telling the story of a family during the everyday moments that make up our lives. From breakfast to bedtime, brushing your teeth, bathtime, and story time - it is the common moments of life that reflect a specific time in your family's life and the beautiful relationships.