Jason + Mandy’s Sedona Engagement (Tlaquepaque Engagement)

I am starting to feel like Mandy’s family is my family because I have shot so many of her relative’s weddings and portrait sessions withing the past couple years. It started with her brother’s wedding a couple years ago, her best friend’s wedding (and also fellow childhood friend), a cousin’s wedding, and then some other cousin for this other thing, and then……. I am deeply honored to be apart of what seems like a new tradition but also to be able to share in their lives.

Jason and Mandy were so, so fun to photograph. They have a playful and loving way of interacting that is just so darn fun to watch. Needless to say, this made photographing them such a treat. Their engagement session took place all over Sedona in the Tlaquepaque shopping village, Oak Creek, and also on the way to Red Rock Crossing.


Sedona Engagement-1
Sedona Engagement-2
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Sedona Engagement-21
Sedona Engagement-22
This was an unintentional photo – but I just had to post it. I wanted to have a more serious look for this shot…which can be hard when you’ve been laughing and smiling so much. This was Mandy’s trick to relax the smile out of her face. Which then just transferred it to me. 🙂
Sedona Engagement-23
Sedona Engagement-24
Sedona Engagement-25
Sedona Engagement-26
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Sedona Engagement-41
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Sedona Engagement-44
Sedona Engagement-45
A new editing technique. I don’t usually do this, but it seemed to fit.
Sedona Engagement-46
Sedona Engagement-47
Sedona Engagement-48
Sedona Engagementt-49
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Sedona Engagement-52